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Guide To Prom Tux Ideas

Tuxedo Vs Suit For Prom

When it comes to dressing up for formal events and occasions such as prom night, guys equally have a hard time making a decision on the right outfit to choose, and most times the conflict regarding the best option is split between picking a suit or a tuxedo.

Looking sharp on this big night is a big deal for many high school seniors who may be using the opportunity to have a splendid date night with a crush or love interest.

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Prom is an occasion that will be obviously filled with tons of pictures and you most certainly want to have an unforgettable and memorable time looking dapper and dashing.

This article is filled with tips that are centered on various key components that make up both outfits, to serve as a guide when deciding on either a tuxedo or suit for prom.


You may just be getting started with the ethics of evening wear but in the fashion world, a tuxedo costs more than a suit.

A tuxedo is more expensive and pricey because of all the various elements that are required in it’s making, especially the fabric. You cannot compromise with quality when it comes to a tux fabric, especially when you are going to be in the midst of experts and other tuxedo wearers who have an idea and are well-grounded on what a quality tuxedo fabric should look like.

On the other hand, a suit does not cost as much as it’s counterpart- the tuxedo. With a suit, once you can get the fittings and styles right, then you can always find a compromise as regards to its fabric and the bonus is, not a lot of folks will notice. This is because you have aced the fit and function standards required in an average suit.

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A suit that is well fitted and made with a medium quality fabric is going to look much better and eye-catchy than an ill-fitting suit that is made out of higher quality fabric. It is crucial for a tuxedo to be well fitted and also made out of high-quality material that emphasizes it’s style and tone. If you are going to be wearing a tuxedo regularly then it would be a smart move to invest in a quality piece. But if you are in need of a tux just for a one-time event such as prom, then you can always use a prom tux rental service.


In terms of formality, a suit can be styled down by eliminating one or more of its associated components and then worn at any time during the day or in much more variable situations where you can switch things up to your personal preferences. Also, suits can be made out of casual fabrics such as jean material, worsted or polyester making them less formal.

Tuxedos have always been considered as a conventional choice especially in its use as an outfit for formal events and occasions after 6 pm or sundown. The distinctions regarding the type of fabrics to be used is also of pertinent importance because of the associated formality.


Tuxedos have an array of certain rules that must be followed when wearing it. These rules mostly oriented around its accessories such as black tie for less formal events and white tie for more formal gatherings. You can always change some certain accessories when using a tuxedo but the black or white now ties must remain because it is a pivotal part of the entire outfit. On this note, you can rightly conclude that there is not much flexibility with a tux, because it has to appear classic at all times.

However, with a suit, you are allowed to be more imaginative and creative, because there is a window for flexibility. You can either dress up fully with a suit or dress it down by killing some accessories. You can also wear a suit in a wide variety of colors either and it can also be a fashion suit or classically designed suit.

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Tuxedos can be customized into a;

– modern fit: the tuxedo will have a narrower lapel and will also be narrower through the wearer’s body.

– classical fit:  the classical feel is a traditional fit. It is cut well around the chest and waist but still retains a neat body silhouette.

– slim fit: with the slim fit, the tuxedo will have a very slim lapel, it will be narrower throughout the body, it will also have a shorter jacket.

A suit can also be custom made either into modern, traditional or slim fit. Although it is more attractive when cut to a slimmer or modern fit than traditional fit which makes it appear bigger and without a streamlined shape.

Some other differences between both outfits include:

Type of Shirt

– Suit: Suits can be worn with either a casual shirt or a modern fitted collared shirt that buttons up to the neck and made of different patterns or color types.

– Tuxedo: Tuxedos are usually worn with a contemporary fitted shirt that is white in color and buttons up to the neck along with studs.


A bowtie is the more formal option for a tuxedo. Although, Windsor ties are fast becoming popular especially in white, ivory or champagne colors. A suit, on the other hand, can either be worn with or without a tie. When a suit is worn with a tie that matches the fabric of the jacket, it becomes more official while without a tie, it becomes less formal and more relaxed.

Jacket Lapel

– Suit: The lapels of a suit is made from the same fabric as it’s jacket. The jacket lapel can either be peaked or notched.

– Tuxedo: Tuxedo can be made out of a peaked or shawl lapel.

Jacket Buttons

– Suit: the buttons of a suit jacket is mostly plastic.

– Tuxedo: a tuxedo jacket is made out of silk-covered buttons.