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The Best Tuxedo Styles For 2021


Style is an ever-changing phenomenon, which shifts based on new trends, sensations, and appeal. Determining what the right style is either for an outfit or any other item may come across as rather difficult for many individuals.

With dozens of differing thoughts, ideas, and opinions on tuxedo styles out there, you may find yourself caught in a slight dilemma as you struggle with making the right decision out of the endless options.

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Nevertheless, this article comprises of a well-detailed lists of the top tuxedo styles with a brief outline on each tuxedo style and their unique features.

Hopefully, in the end, you will make a decision on the style that will portray your lifestyle choices as on par and superb!

To streamline the whole process, we have taken time to break down the style of each individual component that makes up a sharp and elegant tuxedo.


The type of tuxedo jacket you choose plays a pivotal in complimenting your entire outfit. When picking a tuxedo jacket, it is important that you pay attention to certain details such as the number of buttons on it, type of fabric used and the lapel style to ensure it will conform to the rest of the outfit in a cohesive manner.

– The number of buttons used:

While fewer buttons express a more formal tone, additional buttons in place can be used to hide certain components underneath the jacket. The number of buttons you choose to have on your jacket should be one that suits the jacket appropriately, enhances your features when worn and is also perfect for your body type. 

  • Three-button jacket: the jacket’s button comes up higher along the edges of the jacket. This way, you can see less of the best underneath the jacket although still with satin on a notched lapel.
  • Two-button jacket: this is a traditional button format and the button is lower down the jacket’s edges also with satin on a notched lapel.
  • One or single-button jacket: this is fast becoming popular because it features a peaked rather than a notched lapel and also has a single button making it the most formal of modern-day evening wear.


The inner shirt worn inside your tuxedo is also a core piece of the entire outfit. The shirt you wear underneath your jacket speaks loud volumes about your style.

Purchasing a shirt that is made out of high quality and durable material is a valuable investment, especially when you are going to be using your tuxedo for an extended period of time. The material your tuxedo shirt is made out of should feel smooth and soft against your skin.

The fit is also of immense importance. Slim or modern fitted shirts enhance your body type and make you look sharp. You should ensure that your shirt is not too slim fitted in a way that restricts your movement. Some elegant tuxedo shirt styles you should consider in enhancing your face and overall look includes;

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• Spread Collar: A spread collar is the most popular and universal type of shirt collars that can be worn with any kind of formal men’s wear from suits to tuxedos. A bow or necktie can be used with the spread collars. The spread refers to the interval between both collar edges and are available in various points and angles.

• Wingtip Collar: A wingtip collar is your go-to style option for a more formal look. This collar derives its name from the collar points being folded out in the shape of a wing. Wing tipped collars work best with a tuxedo and bowtie. Due to its attribute for being conventional, a wingtip collar would be a poor choice for a casual or less formal ensemble.

• Shirt Bibs: A shirt bib can be described as a rectangular-shaped piece that extends all through the top of your shirt. This panel helps to make the tie you are putting on to be more pronounced and noticeable. It would be a very nice match if you wear this type of shirt with a tuxedo and strictly to formal events. Shirt bibs can either be;

– Pleated Front: consists of panels pleated on either side of the button area using the same shirt fabric and runs down the front of the shirt.

Styling tip- the pleated bib front is worn best alongside a jacket with a notch or shawl collar lapel.

– Pique Bib Front: this type of tuxedo shirt has a pique material sewn on to the front of the shirt on both sides of the button placket.

Styling tip- the pique bib front is great for white tie events. It can be worn with a shawl or peak collar tuxedo jacket.


A fundamental feature of formal wear such as suits and tuxedos are lapels. It a piece of fabric that adorns a tuxedo jacket from the neck and upper chest area. Lapels can be made from a fabric such as velvet or satin, that either corresponds or differs with the jacket. The typical cuts of a tuxedo lapel can either be peak, notch, or shawl.

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• Peak Lapels: the peak lapel is sewn in a manner that the bottom edge extends further out than the top edge thereby giving it a peak shape from which it gets its name from.

– Events Appropriate for peak lapels: A peak lapel can be used for any formal event, especially prom, homecoming, or social gatherings.

• Notch Lapels: the notch lapel is distinctly cut at the top close to the collar area. This type of lapel is also sharply angled near the notch cuts giving it a V shape when buttoned.

– Events Appropriate for Notched lapels: The notch lapel looks sharp and commands respect. It can be worn to a business meeting or public engagements.

• Shawl Lapels: the shawl lapel is a single continuous piece of fabric that goes all the way in a curved manner from the central area of the chest to the collar region of the tuxedo jacket. This type of lapels are very common features on jackets for dinner or gala events and gives the wearer an exquisite look.

– Events Appropriate for Shawl lapels: A shawl lapel is best suited for wedding or anniversary parties, prenuptial dinner or proposals.